Tulle Faeries

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Inspired by Sophia Grace and Rosie, my friend and I decided to come up with a whimsical themed shoot. So instead of wearing poofy pink tutus, we draped the tulles on our heads, and the bushes!!! I am wearing Topshop bralet and DIY head-piece. Daphne's sheer blouse with embellished collar is from ASOS. 

After the shoot we continued to hang around the park and played with the Shironeko (White Cat) Holga. To all cat lovers out there, this is the camera for you. This superheadz plays a series of typical cat noises every time you press the special button! Meow!!!! I've read about how Cat Photography is such a big thing in Japan. It is heard that the meowing sounds produced by the camera will attract the cats' attention! I got this superheadz from Peek! store

Pictures by Daphne Tay 

Song of the day: Never Saw The Point by Cults


Fierce & Love, 

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