Christmas Brunch

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Hello again! Thank goodness I prepared the Tiramisu a day in advance. The kitchen was like a war zone before the Brunch Party! My mother had to make three trips to the groceries store because we ran out of certain ingredients. All the food were prepared by my mother and I. Looking at these makes me really hungry. If you look really closely, you'll notice that we added Christmas colors (red and green) in most of the dishes! 

Seafood Salad
 Guacamole with Tostistos Scoops. 
Fried Pumpkin Vermicelli 

Rosemary Chicken

Fried Ebi

My dear friend, Jody, also had a fair share of her manic kitchen moment in the morning. She baked Vanilla cupcake with homemade cranberry jam, cream cheese frosting, and Christmas sprinkles. When I took the first bite, I had that "Party in my mouth" moment. I love how everything tastes like Christmas! 

 Cranberry Filling and a cute little Santa falling into a food coma. 

Are you guys in the mood for Christmas yet? ;)

Fierce & Love, 

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