Hội An, Vietnam Photo Diary

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Just a year ago I went on a Study Mission to Vietnam together with my school mates. I was just browsing through my travel photos and I thought it'll be great to share with you the beauty of this Ancient Town called Hội An, one of the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. It is so amazing how the place is so well preserved and the many cultural influences just made the experience so enriching! The best way to explore Hội An Ancient Town is by bicycle or on foot. If you're tired from all the walking, do stop by a quaint coffee shop for a cup of Vietnamese Coffee. Or you can also purchase fresh fruits and coconut drinks from the street vendors with the Quang Ganh (carrying pole). I've always wondered what was it like to carry the carrying pole so one of the vendors was kind enough to let me try carrying the fruits. Let me tell you, walking around with the carrying pole is not easy! The goods weigh a ton! My time in Vietnam was fairly short though. There's so much beauty and culture I've yet to immerse in. Whether you're haggling prices at Bến Thành Market, enjoying a nice cup of Viet coffee with locals, or crossing the bustling roads (you will need a helluva courage to do that), there's never a dull moment in Vietnam. 

I'll be back, Vietnam! Enjoy the pictures!

Fierce & Love, 

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