Photo Diary - Legoland Malaysia

A month ago my family and I went on a spontaneous trip to Legoland Malaysia! My elder brother was a Lego fanatic when he was younger so he was pretty stoked to explore this massive theme park! There's so much to see! Pretty much everything, except the rides, are made of Lego blocks. My favorite part would have to be the Miniland! It is amazing how they put together all the Asian landmarks using Lego bricks, the impeccable attention to detail; the Lego mini figures, buildings etc. If you take a closer look at some of the modern landmarks, you'll see a few familiar mini figures like Spiderman, Psy and his Gangnam Crew, bollywood dance scenes and many more! 

In this post, I'm wearing Topshop Crop Top, Zara Shorts, Uniqlo Men's Chambray Shirt, MiuMiu Sunnies and Timbaland Boots. 

Enjoy the pictures! 


 Mommy dearest <3



Angkor Wat
 Taj Mahal
 Hoi An, Vietnam
 Gangnam Style! 
Malaysian Street

Fierce & Love, 

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