Blue Mountains Photo Diary

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During one of the many university study breaks my friends and I decided to drive up to the mountainous region in New South Wales, Australia. The girls met up the night before to prepare the picnic lunch and desserts. The Blue Mountains adventure started pretty early, and soon we were all happily trekking the scenic trails and we had our picnic lunch by the breathtakingly beautiful waterfall. Every single stop you'd get a picturesque view in front of you. Isn't it amazing?! After a grueling 2 hours hike, we settled at Evans Lookout over a hot cuppa joe and homemade brownies and watch the sun set oh so beautifully.

I had such a wunderbar time at the Blue Mountains. This place reminded me so much of The Hunger Games and what coincidence, there were exactly 12 of us and we can all represent 12 Districts of Panem. Speaking of Hunger Games, I have yet to catch Catching Fire!

Enjoy the pictures! 

 Fierce & Love,

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