Never would I expect myself to have such an amazing group of Scandinavian friends during my first semester of Uni. Not only did I pick up the language, I also learnt so much about their culture! Australia being a multicultural country, there's always a party for such international festivities. So after immersing myself in the delightful Norwegian celebration and culture (Syttende Mai), then came the Swedish most important holiday/celebration of the year, Midsommar (Swedish Midsummer). 

The uniquely Swedish midsommar consists of never-ending lunch party, females with handmade wildflower crowns on their heads, people dancing around the majstång (maypole), and people singing songs while drinking schnapps at the feast. 

My Swedish friends told me that Midsommar was thought to be one of those times of the year where magic was the strongest. It was also considered a perfect time to perform rituals to look into the future. So back in the olden times it was a Midsummer's eve tradition for unmarried girls to pick seven kinds of flowers and jump over seven fences, and then sleep with the flowers under a pillow in the hopes of dreaming about their future spouse. 

As I'm typing this, my mind is replaying this Swedish drinking song, Helan Går. I think this song is commonly sung as a toast, usually for the first glass of spirit at a seated dinner. For every toast a different song must be sung, which makes the party incredibly joyous! Now come join me as we dance around the imaginary maypole, or just continue to eat, drink and be merry! To all my single ladies, you might want to try picking flowers and jumping over fences on the next Midsommar. I'm kind of curious about what my future spouse is going to look like though. Either way there's no harm trying and it's going to be so much fun! 

♫ Helan går, Sjung hopp faderallan lallan lej, Helan går (Drink), Sjung hopp faderallan lej


Fierce & Love, 


  1. It's all correct :D And yes, it's one of the best events during all year. So glad we could enjoy it together this year. But I'm hoping for another one, with you here in Sweden! You have to come here <3

  2. Gurrrrrl. I love this post! Wish I could be there witchu my flower child!



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