Syttende Mai, Hurra!

Syttende Mai (17th May), also known as Norwegian Constitution Day, is the National Day of Norway. My lovely Norwegian friends invited me to be part of the celebration and we started the marvelous day with Champagne Breakfast. I arrived to a beautifully decorated table setting, Norwegian National tunes, and fellow Norwegians exchanging waves and greetings. The room was decked out in red, white and blue. 

After the Champagne Breakfast, we headed to Hyde Park Sydney and joined the rest of the Norwegians for the parade. Upon arriving the park, I noticed that some of the women and children were togged in their traditional costume, Bunad. I learnt from my friend that most women will wear their traditional Bunad dress on the 17th of May and the design of their vest and the silver jewellery depends on the region or where their family is from. 

The parade begun with a musical band and speeches. Soon after, all of us gathered and paraded all the way to Darling Harbor. It was a full day celebration so at the end of the parade we continued on with the celebration at bars, cafes, parks, etc. 

I had such a wonderful time and I actually learnt so much about the Norwegian culture! Now that my Norwegian friends are back in Norway, I really do miss the days where they would spoil me with their delectable home made knäckebröd (Nordic crisp bread). 

Gratulerer med dagen! Hurra, Hurra, Hurra!!!!! 

Fierce & Love, 

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