The Kingdom of Cambodia Pt 1

Angkor is, quite literally, heaven on Earth. Designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, a city that at its zenith, it offers one of the most impressive ancient sites on Earth with the epic proportions of Great Wall of China, the detail and intricacy of the Taj Majal, and the symbolism and the symmetry of the Pyramids, all rolled into one. Truly one of the most inspired and spectacular monuments ever conceived by the human mind.Visually, architecturally and artistically breathtaking.  A feast for unbelieving eyes. Go on, watch me get busy "Tomb Raidin'" 

The Old Market (Phsar Chas) and surrounding area including the nearby Night Markets, Pug Street, Pub Street Alleys are 'must sees' when visiting Siem Reap. Whether you're looking for traditional Khmer handicrafts, chic contemporary fashion, curios or souvenirs, Siem Reap is an excellent place to shop for all things Cambodian. Also, things really get going on Pub Street especially around 5PM as people return from the temples.

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