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My friend and I made a spontaneous decision to go backpacking around Southeast Asia after the end of our Uni semester. I was a little nervous at the idea of it, basically everything from breaking the news to my parents to the planning process. Usually most backpackers would spend two months to a year to explore Asia. Due to the time constraint my friend and I manage to plan a remarkable 14 days trip to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

My first stop was Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. When I first visited the country back in 2012, I immediately fell in love with the culture and I told myself that I will definitely come back one day. (Click here to check out my previous post on Vietnam) HCMC has got this charm that will draw you into its thrilling vortex and get you all hypnotized by the whir of its orbiting motorbikes. The whole experience is truly overwhelming, trust me you will be rewarded with a wealth of history, delicious food and a vibrant nightlife. Apart from the bustling city, the trip to the scenic Mekong Delta was very relaxing and fun! If you ever plan to visit Vietnam, do make it a point to explore the city and the countryside. Be wowed by the quintessential scenes of Southeast Asia. 

What I love about exploring such exotic cities is the simple pleasures of walking around, just wander where the fancy takes you. After all, Asian life is lived on the streets - hawkers and hustlers galore, millions of people going about their everyday lives, shopping at street markets, praying at tiny shrines, having a snack at food stalls, commuting to work, or simply watching the world go by. Oh yes! Bear in mind that Asian roads can be pretty terrifying to cross. I remembered watching my Swedish friend getting stranded in the middle of the crossing it was pretty epic. The best way to cross is to walk with a local person between you. Move when they move; stop when they stop. 

The heat is always on in Saigon so loosen your collar and enjoy! 

Coconut Candies
River Cruise
Floating Market
Vietnamese Rice Papers
War food
Saigon River
Met this Vietnamese student along Saigon River and he recommended us this rooftop bar with the most amazing view of the city. 
Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica
Museum of Fine Arts
Beef Pho
Water Puppet Show
Night Market

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