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Dim Sum

Breakfast prepared by my mother
Roti Prata, Teh Bing (Iced Tea), and Fried Rice
Carrot Cake, home cooked by my mother
Hawker food at Lau Pa Sat, Singapore
 Butter Chicken and Rogan Josh, Sydney
Indian food @ Little India, Singapore
Din Tai Fung, Sydney

 Pasta Salad and Kale Smoothie
 Mashed Potato and Shredded Chicken Toast
 Doyle's Seafood Bundle by Watsons Bay
 Seafood Platter at The Sydney Fishmarket
Assam Laksa, Curry Noodles, Chendol and Teh Bing (Iced Tea) at Malaysia Boleh! 

 Homemade Breakfast


Picnic by The Bay, Singapore

Pineapple Tarts courtesy of Danial's mother

Baroque Macarons
 Panda Bun and Coffee, River Safari Singapore
 Baroque Macarons
 Apple Juice Whiskey
Sweet Treats from The Hilton Singapore

Really, REALLY?! I can't believe my hawker royalty was short lived. All those mouthwatering treats, gosh, I just CAN'T. Click here to read why Singapore is the most delicious place on Earth. That article basically summarizes all my feelings about the savory hawker fare. This post also serves as a reminder that I had a fantastic summer in Singapore, Malaysia and Sydney. I'm looking forward to more party in my tum tum!

Fierce and Love,

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