I have always wondered what it would be like to fly, not by riding in an airplane but to jump out of one and throwing yourself at the planet at 200km/h. I have always wanted to do it but I never expected it to happen that soon. Over the years I have watched numerous adventure packed shows that showcased skydiving and even seen pictures of my friends going for it. The more I see or talk about it the desire to skydive grew stronger. 

I got the opportunity to experience my very first tandem skydive courtesy of YHA Australia and Gold Coast Skydive. My Tandem Master, Dougie, suited me up in a harness and walked me through the procedure. The journey to the airplane was quite nerve wrecking I must say and I felt absolutely nothing at all when we reached 12,000ft up in the air. I was the third to jump and the two before me just vanished from my sight in seconds! Then it was time for Dougie and I to do the epic jump. Everything happened way too fast I was not even a moment to process what was about to happen. I remembered going toward the open door and dangled my feet for a second and then I was out of the plane into a free-fall. 

Apart from massive sensory overload during the first 5 seconds of the free-fall, the adrenaline rush I experienced was absolutely incredible and exhilarating. Soon after Dougie pulled the rip cord and released the parachute and we slowly descended to the Earth. The view was so breathtaking I could see Surfers' Paradise and Byron Bay as we went on a smooth spiral dive. This is surely an experience that I will remember for many years to come. I am an adrenaline junkie and I enjoy the thrills of riding on roller coasters, bungee jumping, and now I can proudly say that I enjoy jumping off the plane for thrills. If you have not tried skydiving, I strongly urge you to try it! 

I stayed at Coolangatta YHA and Gold Coast Skydive is just a short 5 minutes drive away. How convenient it is to have all the fun activities in close proximity to the hostel that I stayed in!! After the exhilarating skydive I went back to the hostel and rented a surfboard. Gosh there's so many pristine beaches along the coast I was spoilt for choices! 

Never a dull moment when you travel, make friends, party, chill out, eat and sleep with YHA

Enjoy the pictures and video! 

Fierce and Love,

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  1. looks super fun !!! i definitely would do this because i kinda afraid of heights :) nice post

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