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Shoes c/o Inkkas in Blue Mist 

(Photography by A Panini)

I am very excited to feature this pair of beauties and share with you the amazing story of Inkkas. The idea behind this shoe brand all started with a team of dreamers. Inkkas was born during a backpacking trip to South American in 2012. Danny Ben-Nun, a designer and an avid traveler, was wandering through the alleyways of a local Peruvian market. He then chanced upon a pair of shoes made from authentic local fabrics. He was so mesmerized by the beauty of the craftsmanship he had to bring them to the global marketplace.  

Since then, Inkkas has dreamed up and created an authentic and ethical products to the general public while maintaining the utmost respect for the environment and local workers. Inkkas is now a socially conscious shoe company and the brand seeks to promote beautiful handmade shoes using traditional South American textiles. 

Being surrounded by friends and family who are nature lovers and environmental conservationist, I truly support this ethically conscious fashion brand and social business - a business that reforests the world and help improve lives in developing countries. 

PS: Stay tuned for more updates as I will be sharing my travel experiences in OZ and Asia with Inkkas. 

Don't just buy a product, buy a small piece of a better world.

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Fierce and Love, 

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