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In this vlog, I'm doing the coastal walk from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach. This coastal walk is also one of my favorite workout trails, I'd usually jog during spring and summer time. I got to say that I am truly blessed to live close to one of the most popular walks in Australia. The best thing about the walk was the scenery; the view is comparable to the drive along the Great Ocean Road, however only in a much smaller scale and on foot. Although it is winter in Australia right now, the coastal walk is still as good! 

Inkkas' One Shoe One Tree Project

There has been a drastic growth in deforestation throughout the world in the last 150 years. Corporations have been chopping down forests for land and timber products and as of right now, there is about 8 million square kilometers of forest remaining. Inkkas' vision of fair trade is concrete and is committed to help repopulate the forests in the world. So for every pair of shoes that they sell, they will plant a tree! In partnership with Trees for The Future, an award-winning global tree planting organization, Inkkas guarantees that your purchase will allow them to plant a new tree on the planet. In addition, Inkkas also donate a fixed amount of money per shoe sold in order to allow Trees for The Future to plant more trees. This is what we call being a solid proponent of responsible fashion. 

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