A Day With The Iconic Aussies

Queensland is lucky enough to be one of the two states in Australia that offer Koala cuddles!!!!! You've no idea how excited I was to cuddle with one. Definitely one of the most iconic animal experiences in the world!
The Crocodile Encounter show. This magnificent 4.8m saltwater crocodile "Boss Hog" right here weighs nearly 1000kg! 
I honestly think I'm getting quite good at taking Kangaroo selfies. After much practice, I guess I have progressed to taking Kangaroo group selfies! This Kangaroo right here is such a great sport! 
 I also got to experience the sheep sharing it was pretty fascinating! The farmer was so witty and he sorta kinda proposed to me on stage and surprised me with such fine wool coat! 
I had so much fun at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary! I can proudly say that I had a fair dinkum and wholesome Aussie experience. Big thank you to the staff who took their time off to show us around and answering all our burning questions about the Aussie animals! 

PS: Keep a lookout for the next video that I did with YHA!

28 Tomewin Street
Currumbin QLD 4223
Reservations: 1300 886 511
General Enquiries: (07) 5534 1266(07) 5534 1266 
International: 617 5534 1266

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Fierce and Love,

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