Great Ocean Road

When you're in Victoria, it is a MUST to take a drive down the Great Ocean Road (Famous in Australia and it is one of the best drives on the planet). The drive begins an hour outside of Melbourne in Torquay and it stretches over 250km of road to Warrnambool. The drive takes you through surf towns, popular rock formations i.e The Twelve Apostles and London Bridge and National Parks. The Great Ocean Road is for everyone for there are dozen of towns which offer different experiences for people to explore. If you are a foodie do visit Lorne there's heaps of fresh seafood coming straight from the water. If you are into nature and hiking Anglesea is the place for you, there's a variety of beach and cliff hikes. If you like surfing, do head over to Torquay's famous Bell's Beach. I have seen so many photos of the Great Ocean Road on the internet but nothing compares once you have experienced the real thing. 

Stunning, picturesque, breathtaking, majestic, such beauty! 

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