Island Hopping with Ocean Dreamer

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Mabuhay! It's been a while since I last shared my traveling experience and now I am stoked to share with you guys what I have been up to for the past couple of months! I went to the Phillipines in early January and I had no clue what I was in for. I went to Boracay for the first couple of days (more picture updates in the later posts) and joined my friend Justin and his lovely family in Cebu for my remaining days in the Philiipines. 

One of the many activities I did in Cebu was island hopping with Ocean Dreamer. First off I just want to say that I absolutely loved this island hopping experience. No words can describe how excellent and grand the service is. The price was very reasonable and I can guarantee you that you get the bang for the buck. I also want to add that I love the fact that Ocean Dreamer is very customer centric and they are very informative about the islands and the culture. I am very impressed by how Ocean Dreamer actually went above and beyond to take care of all the tiny little details like making sure that I stay hydrated and safe at all times. Jay and his team brought my friend and I to the less inhabited islands near Lapu Lapu, they also arranged activities such as snorkeling, and the more unique ones like watching how his talented team catch the sea urchins. The food that they provided was incredible everytime I think about it it made my tummy smile! I highly recommend Ocean Dreamer Island Tours if you ever visit Cebu as I the most wonderful time with Jay and his brilliant team.

More about Ocean Dreamer Island Tours:

Ocean Dreamer Island Tours is not your typical island hopping business. They are very involved in social intiatives and are committed to meet the guests' expetations. With Ocean Dreamer, guests will have a first-hand experience to swim with the rare and protected tropical fishes in the blue ocean waters, bask in the sun and relax in the beautiful white sandy beaches.

Thank you Ocean Dreamer for the grand experience I will definitely come back again!

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