Amateur Night (Backstage)

Entering a pole dance competition has always been in my "Things to do before you die" list. I started pole dancing a little over a year ago and I have always wanted to try competing just to further challenge myself. I was having such a ball of time in Singapore and I knew there were a few competitions coming up in Sydney. I hesitated to submit my video entry as I had this fear of being not good enough. So I let go of that opportunity and continued on with my regular pole training at Bobbi's Pole Studio Sydney. My pole instructors encouraged the students to try out for the Amateur Night Competition as it's open to ALL levels and it's a great event to showcase what all pole dancers can do. I picked up my courage and put my name down just 10days before the competition day and I thought to myself, "What have I gotten myself into?!"

Then I thought to myself, "You only have 3 minutes to showcase your talent on stage, just have fun with it! Suck it up and deal with it! No pressure!". I have watched numerous pole competitions in the past year and every time I'd go home feeling so determined that I would be as good as the competitors and get into competing some day. I applied to Bobbi's Amateur Night just for fun to a certain degree, I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. Winning is just a bonus.

So what drove me to compete in pole dance? I love to perform, and I love to dance my heart out. Being able to perform and put on an amazing show is my goal although it takes so much time, pain and patience.

On the day of the competition, I felt like I wanted to throw up. Before I went on stage had a slight panic attack and then the next moment I found myself on stage and performed as thought it was my last dance. I felt so relieved after my performance and I thought it was not that bad after all! Silly me! We all get to live and learn right? Towards the end of the event the host was about to announce the winners. I did not expect myself to win anything at all then I heard the host called for my name. I could not believe it. I won something for my first ever pole competition?!

To wrap up, to all first time competitors, do not hold yourself back. We are all unique and beautiful and do remember why you started pole dancing in the first place, and don't EVER give up! Keep growing, learn from everything, and most importantly, stay humble. Keep your head up and keep strutting!

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Fierce and Love,

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