The tropical island of Boracay is one of the Philippines’ most popular world’s beach destinations. Boracay was one of the these places where I had a certain image in my head of what it would be like, after seeing lots of pictures of the incredible white beach and stunning colorful sunsets. Most of the photos evoked a feeling of tranquility and serenity which what I pictured my paradise to look like. However this little island was just so different from what I had pictured. Admittedly though, Boracay and I were off to a bit of a rough start and I wasn’t sure whether I like it or not.
What I saw was just not what I expected. I was completely unprepared for how busy it was and I am not even sure if there is ever a time Boracay is not busy, or at least less busy. I went during the start of January, as it was the Ati-Atihan weekend and it was overwhelming. I had two choices and it was either I get upset about the crowds or I could simply accept it for what it was and make the best of it. Obviously I’d go for the latter right?
Even though the overdevelopment on the famous White Beach can be hard to take, there are still places on the island where you can find tranquility. i.e Puka Beach at the northern end of Boracay. During my time there I stayed at Station 2, the beach is separated in three divisions, Station 3 in the south, Station 2 in the middle and Station 1 in the north. If you were to walk further south or north it’d be quieter, you’d also get to encounter lesser people and that was more of what I had in mind for the perfect beach getaway in Boracay. Having to spend a week living the beach life and feeling the soft and powdery white sand ain’t that bad after all. On the flip side, Boracay is truly beautiful for a reason and its stunning sunset just make you forget about your life’s struggles and that is what living the beach life is all about. I couldn’t help but relax immediately. J

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