Cameron Highlands

"Hey Justin d'you think Cameron Highlands named after Sir Cameron?" that was my burning question as Justin and I boarded the bus to Cameron Highlands. 5 hours later I woke up to this winding motion and I looked out of the bus window. Yes, we're getting close! We experienced some confusion when the bus stopped at some town but we got it all under control. We got a cab to take us to our Guesthouse. 

Oh wow, so this is Cameron Highlands, the largest tea-growing region in Malaysia and home to the vast plantations that carpet the valleys in a lush sea of bright green. After we checked into our guesthouse, we went to the Tea Plantation that is the closest to us, Cameron Bharat Tea Valley. We did not stay there for long as we were quite tired from a day of traveling so we went back to our guesthouse to rest and also gear up for our more adventure for the next day! 

The morning after we got on our pimped out 4WD and drove to this area which is away from Cameron Highlands for a jungle trekking adventure in search for the world's biggest corpse flower, the Rafflesia! The hike was easy-moderate, after 4KM we finally got to see the corpse flower in real life! The Rafflesia is one of the rarest plants in the world and on the verge of extinction. As if size and rarity weren't enough, Rafflesia is also one of the world's most distasteful plants, designed to imitate rotting meat and it also emits an overpowering stench of rotting meat. Our hike back we also got to drink bamboo water, very refreshing and nice! 

After which we made our way to Mossy Forest. Like you might have guessed, the Mossy Forest has its name from all the moss that covers the big parts of almost every tree. In this high altitude the constant clouds offer enough moisture for the moss to grow everywhere. Everything is shrouded in deep green and it'll make you feel as though you're walking in a magical world of fairy tales! We ended our adventure by visiting the famous BOH Tea Plantation at Sungai Palas. So much lush greenery we couldn't get enough of it! 

Pretty sure there's a lot more things to do in Cameron Highlands but we were very happy and satisfied with our good mix of adventure and serenity. Our next stop would be historical city of Melaka!  

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