Peranakan Wedding

Peranakan wedding is all kinds of special. I love its rich culture and mostly the food! Alrighty, back to the wedding. The Peranakan wedding is the most glamorous event in the Peranakan calendar as it helps to educate modern wedding the deeper symbolism and messages of being Peranakans. The wedding reception is the climax of the wedding celebration and it also serves as a great opportunity to flaunt the Peranakan identity of the family. Also a welcoming sight for the ladies to be dressed in lovely embroidered kebaya and sarong. Prior to the wedding, the beautiful bride and I we had so much fun shopping for our casual sarong kebayas and we were actually thinking of wearing them out to dinner events... why not right? I love to get ready as a traditional nyonya and I had so much fun with it, just matching the colorful embroidered kebaya with sarong to the beaded shoes. I got my beaded slippers from my trip to Melaka by the way. What great timing hey!

The wedding reception is at my favorite Peranakan restaurant, The Blue Ginger. Do check it out if you guys are keen to try some really yummy Peranakan cuisine!

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