George Town

George Town is filled with ancient cultures, indigenous and colonial architecture. You'd find Chinese temples in Little India and Mosques in Chinatown. I'm fascinated by the mishmash of the city's buildings, people and culture. Being there just exudes this eclectic feel. You'd find yourself dodging traffic while strolling past those romantic crumbling shophouses where people might be roasting something, get lost in the maze of chaotic streets and laneways. Or you might be led to George Town's burgeoning art scene, modern cafes and bars.

George Town is also home to the five distinct cuisines, cheap and delicious open-air hawker centres, definitely the kind of place that can boast both quality and quantity. Welcome to the food capital of South East Asia! My intention for this trip to George Town was to eat as many popular hawker dishes and also do as many sightseeing. There's guaranteed to be something for everyone in George Town lemme tell ya! Never a dull moment here!

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