Graduation Day

I graduated at University of Technology Sydney last month and officially received my degree. The day was a great finish to a long, interesting and insightful journey, and it was really lovely to celebrate with my family, alongside with 300 other students who were also graduating on the same day. It was a wonderful experience to go up on stage and receive the certificate that marks the completion of my degree and I was especially proud knowing that my family and best friends were sat in the audience watching me

Graduation is a momentous call for reflection. It occurred to me the other day that all my friends are at a different stages of their lives and I have been facing the similar obstacles and debating about certain choices. Like looking for my first real job. It's not in my nature to settle for a basic, stepping-stone type of job as I want to like my job and be happy to go to it all the time. Or should I come to terms with the reality of being trapped in a cycle of barely making ends meet.

And that's it... my time at UTS is now officially over. I still don't know how to feel about it, and it's truly overwhelming.

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