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I have recently moved from my lovely beach-side pad in Coogee to Broadway just to be closer to the kickboxing gym and pole dancing studio that I frequent ever so often. One great thing about moving to Broadway, Ultimo is that my best friends are all my neighbors! It's either they live 1 min or 15mins walk away! How convenient huh? During our free time we'd just ask each other out to workout at the nearby swimming complex at Victoria Park or we'd travel out for a little bit to Andrew (Boy) Carlton Pool. I love Andrew Boy Pool by the way! It is situated near the waters and you'd get the awesome view. 

Now for the pool talk. Swimming is never my favorite kind of cardio until my best friend, Franco, introduce it to me because he is all for swimming! He's got a rockin' body and he told me that it's all thanks to swimming! So what's great about swimming? It is an awesome cardio and carlorie-torching total-body workout. It doesn't put impact on your joints, it stretches and lengthens your body - something your body probably doesn't get enough of.  

Totally looking forward to more swim dates with my fitness partner in crime! I do strongly encourage all of you to start hitting the pool too! 

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