MacRitchie Nature Trail and Reservoir Park

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So my best friend Drea and I decided to do a 7AM hike at MacRitchie Reservoir Park because we needed to burn off those holiday calories. It has been ages since we last went on this HSBC Tree Top Walk at MacRitchie Reservoir. Well, Andrea did the Tree Top Walk before and I never made it there because my family and I either got lost finding the entrance to the walk or we just gave up halfway through the hike.

The Tree Top Walk connects the two of the highest points in MacRitchie Reservoir. The bridge is 250m long and it gives you the birds eye view of the forest canopy. We all know that Singapore is a bustling city full of skyscrapers but you would never imagine it from your viewpoint on the bridge. You won't see a single building from the bridge, just trees, plants, birds and monkeys!

I must say that the hike was AMAZING! Waking up early in the morning for this and having to smell the morning dew, hear the birds chirping and see the sun rays peeking through. Aaahh so much bliss! I felt so rejuvenated and happy after the hike and I felt as though I'm ready to conquer the day with positivity! So if you're fan of the great outdoors, MacRitchie Reservoir is the perfect place.

Best of it all, it's entirely FREE to visit!

Getting there: To get to the treetop walk, you need to walk 4.5km from MacRitchie Reservoir or 2.5km from Venus Drive near Singapore Island Country Club. Closed on Mondays.

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Photography by Drea.

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