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I love exploring old towns whenever I travel to a country. I've heard so much about this famous little town from my friends therefore I'm curious to experience the charm of this old town myself. Founded during the Qing Dynasty, this small town was a relatively isolated village until the discovery of gold. Many buildings in the town remain unchanged to this day and it shows the Japanese influence on the architecture and culture on the island. Today, the town is filled with both retro Chinese and Japanese style cafes, tea houses and souvenir shops.

There are numerous small alleys and lanes that snake around the area and sometimes even run beneath buildings! So happy exploring!

Fun Facts:

  • During the first years of the Qing Dynasty, the isolated village housed nine families, thus the village would request "nine portions" every time shipments arrived from town. That's how the name of Jiufen came about! 
  • The downtown of Jiufen was used as a model in this popular anime movie, Spirited Away! 

Getting There:

By Train: From Taipei, take the train to north of Ruifang Station. After exiting the station, cross the street to the bus stop next to the Wellcome Supermarket and board the Keelung Transit bus towards Jiufen. The bus trip takes roughly 15mins, and the fare is NT$21 during the week, NT$15 during weekends/holiday. 

PS: Watch this space as I will be sharing more of my adventures in Taiwan! ;)

Fierce and Love, 

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