Little India

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I'm a sucker for cultural and heritage sites and I love exploring ancient cities and old towns! My friend and I were meant to catch up one day so we made a spontaneous decision to explore Little India together. Sundays in Little India is supposedly to be bustling but it rained that day so it made exploring the area easy as the weather was not scorching and there were lesser people. I frequent Chinatown quite a lot as that is one of the first few places I'd bring my friends to whenever they come over to Singapore for a visit! After exploring Little India, I can say that it is one of the livelier parts of town, cultural and heritage wise. You'd feel the spirit and energy of the local people, the scents of fresh flowers, the colors from the shop houses and places of worship, the local Singaporean hawker food which I absolutely cannot get enough of. My friend and I had the best time soaking in the culture, discovering quirky stuff (picture above) and blending into the local culture (we had beers at this coffee shop that spread out to the laneway and watched WWF), If you are a local and you ran out of ideas to do in this tiny country, check out Little India and surprise yourself!

Fierce and Love,

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