Where To Go In Taiwan Pt 2

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Finally, the last post from my Taiwan adventures. This trip was nothing but wonderful, full of friendly faces, stunning array of colors, aromas and shapes. Still can't believe this trip was toward the end of last November. I am happy that I got to experience both of Taiwan's city environment and nature. What I saw around me was almost as if it was an unreal vision, the colorful cityscape, picturesque views of nature. It was all real, from smell to touch. It was fascinating! 

Xi Men Ding 

The Harajuku and the Shibuya of Taipei. I experienced a sensory overload when I explored the famous shopping and food district. There's so much to see, eat and do over there! This place offers everything and almost anything you're looking for! I found a pole dancing studio there too and it is very convenient for me especially when I want to get my workouts in whilst on a holiday. 

Fun fact: Xi Men Ding pedestrian area was the first pedestrian area built in Taipei and is the largest in Taiwan! 

Feng Jia Night Market 

I went straight to TaiChung the first day I landed in Taipei. So what's good in TaiChung? Night market of course! Feng Jia is a great night market where you can basically find everything. There's a lot of little vendors where you find each vendor specializing in everything from milk teas, pancakes, squid balls, stews and hotpots. Here's a hot tip: Leave your tummy empty so you'd have a taste a little of everything from each vendor. ;) There's also stores that sell clothing and gadgets as well as cute little trinkets! I spent my first night in TaiChung doing leisure night walks along the many colorful stalls, constantly impressed with the varieties they offer, the pulsating music and cool ambiance. 

I feel that you could spend months in Taiwan and still not absorb all the city has to offer. A week is definitely enough to get a decent taster. 

Fierce and Love, 

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