February at a Glance

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So much happened in the month of January and February! I just feel so lucky and blessed to be surrounded by all the amazing people in my life and there is always something fun to look forward to! Read on to find out what I've been up to! 

During the Chinese New Year long weekend my friend and I went to the Chan's Residences for a cosy CNY get together. We Lo-Hei, exchanged stories, made new friends, laughed so hard and ate to our heart's content! I'm all about sticking to my roots so I donned on the traditional qipao just for that festive occasion. 

Squeezed in a mini trip to West Malaysia during the CNY long weekend as well and I had so much fun exploring old towns! You can check out my posts other parts of Malaysia by clicking on the links below:

Everyone knows I am a sun chaser so beach day is a MUST! Celebrated There's so many things worth celebrating for! I celebrated Valentines' Day, Australia Day and friend's birthday at the beach. 

I also got a hair makeover by The Scene @ Raffles City. You have seen my hair in motion on my Instagram. Thank you for putting my unkempt hair back into place and most important of it all, thank you for giving my hair so much LIFE! 

To all my dear girlfriends and boyfriends out there, from 1st of March onwards, the first 30 customers who mention Joyce Roxanne at The Scene @ Raffles City will get a 10% discount! What are you waiting for? GO FOR IT! 

Laneway Singapore 2016 was all kinds of fun. Having to catch my favorite acts like Grimes, Flume, Hermitude and other amazing bands that was a full day of whim and thrills! For some who have followed my real time updates on Snapchat, you know what exactly went down at Laneway Festival! It was also the day of firsts! I discovered this really cool place called Actors the Jam Bar, where the customers are the stars. Whoever goes into the door can be the next singer or the next drummer. So whether you an aspiring or retired musician, you're welcome to pick up the mic and perform life on stage!

Fierce and Love, 

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