May at a Glance

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May was nothing but a whole lot of goodness. I discovered interesting places in Singapore, made new friends, caught up with my dear friends, did fun activities like going on The Music Run and M83 concert with my best friend, tried delicious food and many more. It is just so amazing to surround yourself with like-minded people who share the same interests and values. I have gone back to doing Muay Thai and it was the best thing ever! It’s so good to get back in the groove of things. I have also added something new to my exercise regime, which is Bootcamp with Kilter Avenue. The classes take place every Saturday and are ideal for people of all fitness levels. It’s seriously worth waking up early for! Y’know, just go for it and get the workouts out of the way in the morning and you’ll feel so rejuvenated after!

I do enjoy the occasional beach hangs at Mambo Beach Club and Tanjong Beach Club. On cloudy or rainy days I like to just snuggle indoors and do the Full House marathon, have pizza, pasta and lots of snackies. Or when I feel like I needed to get my lazy ass off the couch I would go Rock Climbing at Climb Central. Oh, I forgot to mention that I have also learnt how to ride on the Longboard!  This is the month where I exposed myself to doing more things. I ended up loving all the new activities I do and that made it all much more worthwhile and wonderful!

Before I go, I just wanna say that Life really is what you make it. It has taught me that you can create your own reality, you choose the lens through which you see everything, including the frame, the brightness, the intensity, the meaning, everything is your own beautiful manifestation. You are a painter, an artist, a shape shifter, an alchemist of experience, this life is your masterpiece. Here’s a little exercise for you, write down some intentions for what you wanted; make new friends, see new places, enjoy your own company more, exercise daily without fail, help others whenever possible, be open to everything and everything you pass without judgement, find opportunities to inspire/motivate people and support them with their learning process, and many more!

I can feel my intention is laying the path before me, I am making my own rules and shaping my experience the way I want it. It feels magical sometimes, and it is honestly surreal what we can manifest through the power of thought. What are your current intentions? How do you want to shape your reality? Keep asking yourself questions, and go deep because there is so much more to you and your beautiful soul.

Fierce and Love,

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