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Marching into Bali Buda to try their amazing food. 

This Buda Mart in Ubud serves really yummy bakery goods (Spanish potato pie, corn muffin, brownies and lots of choices of energy balls and so much more!), to fruits, to creating a meal for your table. I love the wide range of choices for gluten-free homemade eats! 

The perfect pre and post yoga meal. I love going to this cute little smoothie bowl shack for a refreshing treat. This bowl of goodness, Uluwatu, is soooooooo good! 

Motel Mexicola, Seminyak 

Spent half a day at Seminyak. Motel Mexicola is one of my favorite bars there! I'm obsessed with the interior! 

En route to the Yoga Barn to do some Ecstatic Dancing. Bali taught me to let things go, so rather than remain constipated with the things we can't say, we feel them, work through them and shake them out through the body movement. With freedom of expression comes inner peace and harmony. Do exactly what your body wants to do and leave all inhibitions at the door, dance freely and ecstatically. 

Sunset by the pool with rice paddies view. How cool is my Airbnb! 

Sekumpul Waterfalls is the biggest waterfall in Bali. Quite a trek to get there, if you're short of time, head over to Tegenungan Waterfall for a refreshing swim! That place doesn't require much trekking. 

Smoothie stop at one of my favourite vegan cafe on Earth, Alchemy Bali  

Salad Meal at the newly opened cafe in Ubud Village, Sambal Matah. 

Tegallalang Rice Terraces in Ubud is famous for its beautiful scenes of rice paddies involving Subak (traditional Balinese cooperative irrigation system). Tegallalang forms the most splendid terraced landscapes in Ubud's shared region. 

Travel Tip: Best time to visit is early in the morning when it's not scorching hot and filled with tourists! 

My first ever trip to Bali was all sorts of magical, refreshing and spiritual. I decided to base myself in Ubud as I have read so much about its rich cultural heritage. Located in the heart of Bali Island, Ubud has long attracted the arty types and the area surrounding Ubud is gorgeously green – think thick foliage weaving down river valleys, rice paddies, and chirpy birds singing in the treetops in a jungle-like setting.

The people in Ubud are artists, spiritual healers, yoga teachers and chefs. I love Ubud for the lifestyle, which is all about simplicity and being close to nature. This place is also becoming a meeting point in Asia for like-minded souls who have shared interest in celebrating culture.

Similar to Seminyak, Ubud’s popularity has meant that this once small village has developed into a proper town. I therefore suggest you stay outside central Ubud in an adjacent village. There’s plenty of home stay options, jungle hideaway in Tegalalang, you can pretty much find places to stay via Airbnb.

What I loved most about Ubud is that it felt very lived-in. The place where I stayed at wasn’t overly saturated with tourists and there were plenty of locals going about their day. I prefer to not have an agenda and explore the place organically. Getting lost in a city is the best way to discover it don’t you all agree? Of course, I’d do my research to know what areas to avoid, and that was exactly what I did with Bali. I got lost, roamed through the quaint villages, found adorable shops and made friends with the locals. My heart was filled with inspiration after exploring Bali! 

Can't wait to be back in Bali again!

Fierce and Love, 

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