August at a glance

The past three months was nothing but a whole lot of struggle to do everything all at once whilst finding the balance. It took me quite a while to finally change my life and open up opportunities, by learning to practice mindfulness and be happy. I started practicing mindfulness (a mind-body approach to life that will help one relate differently to experiences) and I started paying more attention to my thoughts and feelings in a way that it increases my ability to manage difficult situations and make wise choices in life.

I remember the days where I was feeling very shitty about myself because I haven't been consistent with my workouts. Then I let my negative thoughts consume me, blaming it on Reason A, B and C. All that caused me to feel sad and sluggish for the longest time then one day I told myself to snap out of it and stop complaining and try to incorporate the things I need to do around my busy life. Like waking up two hours earlier to get the daily workouts out of the way and also eating well every single day.

It's amazing how much of an impact eating well and working out can have on your whole entire life. At the moment I'm feeling so much more alive, so much more awake and so much more motivated and feeling energetic! I absolutely love how I'm feeling at the moment and it is really keeping me on track to keep going on this transformation journey.

The biggest lesson in life that I learned is that there is never a box to think out of. Whoever tells you to "think outside the box" is clearly living in a box. I believe that you set your own targets, dreams and goals not by the benchmark or measure of society or what someone else says. But what makes YOU happy and by what YOU think works for you. There are limitless possibilities in life, you have to remember that and GO FOR IT.

Fierce and Love,

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