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Hello my love ones! I'm back for a major update on my recent trip to Hong Kong with my best friend, Jodie! This is our first trip overseas together and since our birthdays fall on the same month, we made this trip our Birthday trip! No words can describe how incredible our trip was - we did a lot of sightseeing, explored the city and the nature part of HK, made new friends, went on our first Junk Boat Party, went partying in LKF, met a magician at the rooftop bar on our last night, spent two magical days at Hong Kong Disneyland. Just how amazing all these sound?!

I've tried my best to document the trip in videos and in pictures so we could all look back and reminisce the wonderful time we spent together on this epic trip to Hong Kong!

So we spent 5 days and 4 nights altogether. We arrived on a Friday morning and made our way via the airport express and subway to our accommodation in Mongkok. The reason why I chose Mongkok was the unique juxtaposition of traditional and modern lifestyles and architecture, and also to explore its multicultural neighborhoods! The neon-bathed historic streets in Mongkok that wind through one of the densest parts of the world are just so worth visiting just for the 'peoplescapes' alone. The neighborhood also includes one of the Hong Kong's most popular markets, the Ladies' Markets and a ton of shopping streets. Here's a fun fact: Mongkok has entire streets and street sections dedicated to the sale of flowers, birds, sneakers, goldfish and kitchenware... pretty much everything from bargain household objects to luxury jewellery is bought, sold and haggled there.

After checking in to our hotel, we explored the bustling neighborhood and made our way to the Star ferry pier to get our tickets to the Big Bus Tour of Hong Kong Island. I personally think that the best way to see the world is by foot for seeing the world by foot yields a rare experience. We'd get to see and meet with interesting locals, have a more exclusive cultural experience and get a more vivid and lasting impression of the city/landscape.

Click to watch the video below to watch our little adventure in Hong Kong Island. 

We hopped off the bus at some point to explore Antique Street (Hollywood Road). We chance upon this really rustic Italian joint. 208 Duecento Otta is basically one of Hong Kong's hottest Italian restaurants; partly responsible for turning the Sheung Wan area into the buzzing culinary playground that it is now. 

Fun Fact about Antique Street (Hollywood Road):
- Hollywood Rd was built more than 100 years ago in 1844 and was one of the first roads in Hong Kong
- The name Hollywood Rd is not originated from the famous Hollywood in California but because of the plant "Hollywood" along the street
- Back at that time Hollywood Road was close to the coastline, which is quite hard to imagine
- The past hundred of years Hong Kong has conducted plenty of land-reclamation projects that changed Hong Kong Island tremendously and moved the coastal line away 
- Just imagine that Hollywood Rd was the place where sailors, foreign merchants and adventurers tried to sell their antiques and artifacts they got from China before heading back to Europe 
- Thus this is how Hollywood Rd acting as an Antique Market and now being called "Antique Street" 

Our second day in Hong Kong, we went on our first ever Junk! Don't we all love nothing more than sipping on a sea breeze booze while working on our fabulous tan in the middle of the ocean? Thanks to our dear friend KK for inviting us and Todd for organizing the junk! We all had a swell time dancing, singing, swimming and drinking! Defo many more junks to come! ;)

Click to watch our first ever HK Junk-ing experience! 

Third day in Hong Kong was a beautiful struggle. We were both so hungover from the junk but we made it through the Dragon's Back hike like a champ! The Dragon's Back hike is one of the best urban hiking trails in Hong Kong. If you're looking for an easy hike with spectacular views, look no further, this is definitely it. Located in the outskirts of metropolis Hong Kong, the Dragon's Back trail boasts breathtaking panoramic views of tall skyscrapers, coastal shores and its surrounding mountainous region. 

The quickest way of getting to Dragon's Back starting point is to simply grab a cab from Chai Wan MTR Station Exit C's taxi stand. Tell the cab driver to drive you up to To Tei Wan - you'd see a wooden signboard that says "Dragon's Back Hiking Trail". The taxi fare should cost roundabout HKD50 and it takes about 10 minutes. 

The one-way hike up Dragon's Back took us about an hour, or maybe two if you want to stop from time to time to take pictures! There are many gorgeous vantage points throughout the trail so do factor the time for water breaks and photo op! The sweltering heat and humidity might get unbearable especially during summertime so do bring along a small bottle of water to quench your thirst whilst hiking. Don't forget to slather on sunscreen to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays! 

We ended our hike at Tai Long Wan Beach, arguably the most beautiful place in the territory. If you want to enjoy the beach after the hike, it is best to start hiking in the morning! :) 

Click to watch our Dragon's Back hike!

The last two days in Hong Kong was spent in the magical Disneyland! We're both huge fans of Disney and the trip couldn't be any more magical than spending it in this magical land itself. We took pictures with R2D2, Chewbacca, hung out with Tinkerbell and Cruella De'Vil and dined with Chef Mickey! 

This concludes the end of the trip and blog post on our epic birthday trip to Hong Kong. There will be more Double Js adventures as we have to keep the hashtag #DoubleJsRunDaWorld going. We had a fantastic time exploring this incredible concrete jungle, meeting and connecting with new friends, climbing up to restricted rooftops to check out the sick view of the city.. and so much more! 

My heart is very full and I feel so blessed and grateful for each moment. We look forward to prowling the streets of Hong Kong and Junkin' again! 

Fierce and Love, 

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