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Combining different cuisines can be a wonderfully delightful experience, and today I'm going to share with all of you about Chef Peter Neo's unique take on fusion food. I've always loved fusion food, growing up my mum always experiment with classic dishes from a variety of cultures. Creative fusion foods always have me amazed at all the unorthodox combinations and I think that is a fantastic idea to create brand new meals with exciting flavors.

I'm so thrilled to be invited to Celebrity Chef Peter Neo's latest Italian Fusion restaurant, Blend It Up! As the name suggests Blend It Up is a play on the restaurant's fusion concept, bringing an Asian twist to Italian cuisine. But more importantly, it represents Chef Peter's guiding principle to only use the freshest quality ingredients, blending all of them together with their natural goodness to create the restaurant's handcrafted soups, sauces and mains. With a local spin on classic Italian dishes, you can find food combined with delights such as salted egg or tom yum to cater to the Singaporean taste bud! Talk about Authentic Italian flavours with a local twist!

Their menu consists of Italian and Italian fusion dishes to suit your taste buds. There are a variety of appetizers, antipasti, salads, soups, pastas, pizzas, risottos, meats, and of course, exquisite desserts and wine to complete your Italian food odyssey. 

Chef Peter Neo
Celebrity Chef Peter Neo is no stranger in the culinary and media industry. He has 35 years of culinary experience and was the former Chief di Partie at Raffles Hotel. Following his passion, he spent time in Italy learning to cook authentic Italian cuisine from some of the best Italian chefs. Upon his return to Singapore, he joined an established local Italian restaurant chain. 

He is the man behind local Italian restaurant Pietro Ristorante Italiano, formerly from Raffles Hotel and Bruno, and his latest venture into Italian fusion food is presented through is quaint and cosy restaurant, Blend It Up. 

Chef Peter is also well-known for his exceptional culinary skills with numerous awards and accolades, widely sought after for food demonstrations and has previously contributed his own recipes to local magazines. He has appeared on various TV programmes, radio shows and events showcasing his culinary skills. 

He also began experimenting with fusion Italian food, creating witty and innovative dishes to appeal to local tastes. 

Wild Mushroom Soup
Made only from the freshest mushrooms, Blend It Up's homemade Wild Mushroom Soup is thick, rich, creamy and filled with mushroom chunks in every mouthful. Served with a side of Blend It Up's fresh daily homemade bread. 

Seafood Soup
A concoction of fresh prawns, clams, mussels and squid in spicy tomatoes sauce, basil leaves and some white wine for that extra zest and spice in your soup. A fresh seafood soup that is made to order, packed with rich flavours of the ocean. 

Blend It Up Pizza 
With a hand-stretched crispy thin crust that is made to order, Blend It Up Pizza is a classic topped with feta and mozarella cheese, mushrooms, honey baked ham and completed with a sunny side on top! 

Chef's Favourite 
Handmade from scratch and freshly baked, topped with selected premium Porcini mushroom, pork sausages, mozzarella and parmesan cheese. The ingredients are nestled on a thin crust presenting a light base with a full explosion of flavours! 

BBQ Honey Pork Ribs 
A full rack of succulent pork ribs glazed with honey. The tender meat easily falls off the bone, and is layered with fresh salad on top. Pair the juicy meat with Blend It Up's secret homemade BBQ sauce, presenting a light smoky flavour to complete this classic dish. Served with homemade coleslaw on the side. 

Whole Grilled Squid 
 This whole grilled squid is seasoned with homemade blend of mixed herbs, paprika, crushed black pepper, basil, cherry tomatoes. Finally, glazed with extra virgin olive oil and a dash of lemon is what it takes to complete this fresh, tender juicy squid dish. 

Tom Yam Seafood Risotto 
Tom Yam is my absolute favorite! I think this fusion is pure genius. Spicy, sour, savory and addictive! 

Green Curry Seafood Pasta 
This Green Curry Seafood Pasta take no prisoners. Made by hand, with more chilli, lemongrass and shrimpaste and cooked carefully by the creative Chef Peter - that's when I remember why I fell in love with Thai food in the first place.

Spaghetti Vongole 
This dish is very popular throughout Italy. If you're not feeling that adventurous with the fusion food you can always go for something more authentic Italian. This Spaghetti alle Vongole does not disappoint. The sweet, peppery, tender, tiny clams, the viscosity and depth of olive oil, the firmness of the pasta.. delizioso!

Lava Cake
Blend It Up serves a variety of Lava Cakes such as Chocolate, Black Sesame and Pistachio. The Lava Cakes were moist and warm. The most exciting bit would be the molten insides oozing out! Pair it with vanilla gelato to experience that heavenly taste! 

Blend It Up brings a fresh take to Italian fusion food, and is best place to bring your family and loved ones for a casual, relaxing, affordable and tasty meal.

Chef Peter constantly innovates new dishes, creating fusion food that is very palatable and unique to him. Excellent customer service is also of utmost importance to him, who interacts with his customers as much as he can.

Drawn to his affable and fun-loving personality, anyone who encounters him - customers, clients, celebrities or friends from the media - are all quickly drawn to his warm persona and charm!

I am giving away ten $10 vouchers to my lucky readers. To win, simply share this post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tell me what's kind of fusion food you'd like to try! Don't forget to like Blend It Up Facebook page too! 

This giveaway will run till the November 23rd 2016, a day before Thanksgiving Day! 

Blend It Up is located at:
325 Upper Paya Lebar Road
Quemoy Building
Singapore 534946
Tel: 6281 2688

For more information on Blend It Up, check out the following
- Facebook:
- Website:
- Instagram:

Operating hours (daily):
- Lunch: 11.30am to 3pm
- Dinner: 6pm to 10.30pm

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Fierce and Love,

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