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I remember coming home feeling extremely down and lost the first day after settling into a new school in a new country. My mum asked me what was wrong. I told her one of the girls yelled at me, saying "You sound different! You're not like us. You seemed wild!" 

It made no sense to me. Why was being wild a bad thing? Things like this happened to me ever so often..

Comments like: 

"You need to be reined in. You have too much energy"
"You are such a free spirit. You need to be more conservative"
"You may want to tone it down. It's intimidating"
"You would be so beautiful if you lost some weight"

I was to hear many negative comments over the years that confused me and made me question my natural habits, my desire to be happy, to be free, to explore, be creative and to essentially be myself. I am pretty sure you have heard such comments that'd tear down your nature, that ask of you to be someone you are not. You may be asked to be the person who will make other people happy, but at the expense of your spirit and your own happiness. 

You don't want to find yourself a decade later wondering who you really are, apologizing for wanting more, for having a few extra pounds, for having muscles, for being strong, for being a little or a lot different from others. 

I come from a time in which children are forced to sit long hours in class, pressured to work hard to get into good schools to follow the path the parents or society expects of them. Growing up I don't think peers my age were encouraged to be creative, explore their imaginative ideas, or run wild out in nature, discovering their strengths and weaknesses and developing confidence. Well, it is never too late to discover who you are and how strong, imaginative or daringly different you can be. It is never too late to be unapologetic for living your dream and being YOU. 

I'm unapologetic for being a mess, a klutz who manages to spill things or trips everywhere she goes, who is also smart and a bit funny, strong and muscular, sometimes rambunctious... who the fuck really cares? 

I'm unapologetic for being me. I'm unapologetic for tapping into my authentic and incredible self and being exactly that person. Don't let anyone tell you to tone it down. Keep living wild and free. Trust me it will put a smile on your face and make other people wonder what you are up to. ;) 


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