Yogyakarta, Jogja for short, is where the Javanese language, arts and culture are at its purest and richest. It is also known as one of the foremost cultural and soulful centres of Indonesia.. and I couldn't agree more! There are cultural attractions everywhere you look, be it within the city or on the outskirts. Not forgetting the country's most important UNESCO archaeological and heritage sites, the magnificent Borobodur and Prambanan Temple (I'll share more about these temples on my next blog post) 

We were feeling a little exhausted from our volcanic mountain trekking adventures in Surabaya so we were glad that we spent the remaining days enjoying and experiencing the local art and traditions and the culinary delights in Jogja. There's a lot of things to do in this relatively small yet bustling city so trust me when I say there's never a dull moment when you visit. 

Javanese people are incredibly friendly and friendly to each other too. They have no problem just striking a conversation up with a complete stranger. Respect for each other is built into their language and customs. You'd see young men shout "Pagi bu!" (Morning ma'am) with big smiles to random old ladies sitting on their porch as they walk past. A good mix of cultural preservation and modesty that makes the Javanese people, on average, so nice and friendly! I'm glad I came to this part of Indonesia. If I hadn't, I would never have learned about how friendly and lovely Javanese people are. And how magical and charming the Special Region of Yogyakarta is. 

Tamansari Water Castle

Man making Indonesian Shadow Puppet 


I'm so intrigued by the cute Gerobaks on the streets of Jogja! You can wheel your shop everywhere! Bak Pao, anyone? 
Kraton of Yogyakarta


When in Jogja, you must try the Gudeg! It is a traditional Javanese cuisine, made from young unripe jack fruit boiled for several hours with palm sugar and coconut milk. 

Local Market

Local Markets are my favourite places to catch the locals in action. You'd see colourfully-attired ladies separating red and green chilies while chatting away, fresh egg noodles piled up on shallow round baskets, lots of red-skinned shallots and mounds of garlic, knobby galangal and ginger, tempeh (tofu cake) and many more! Despite the noise and heat, everyone was getting on with their business. We circled the inside covered area down dimly-lit alleys to see what the rest of the market had to offer. It was cooler and surprisingly more calm with the vendors slowly and quietly measuring things out on antique metal scales. 

Beach-hopping in Jogja

Being in Jogja means being at least one hour away from the South Java Sea. There's so many secret beaches the locals will never tell you...

We spent a day beach hopping to a few beaches and caught the most stunning sunset
 at the Parangtritis Beach lookout point. Wild seas, huge skies, stunning sunsets, black dunes, jagged limestone cliffs.. our hearts were so full just being surrounded by nature's beauty.

There are over 60 beaches in the Gunungkidul district alone, with dramatic natural landscapes of sandy cove beaches bordered by limestone cliffs. Go nuts, beach bunnies!


Prawirotaman is the hipster street of Jogja you do not want to miss. You'd find lots of hipster hotspots, nice vegetarian restaurants, quaint bookstores, trendy coffee bars and cool antique shops. Jl. Prawirotaman is the heart of where hipster-everything happens. Not only you'd find cool shops there, you'll see lots of street art by the talented street art artists! 


This place offers a seemingly endless line of handicrafts, jewelry and batik realness. You'd get to experience the soundtrack of Malioboro; a concoction of traditional Gamelan music dubbed with yells of hawkers. Everything can be brought down to half price so you should put your bargaining game on! 

I had the best cuppa Suroloyo Kopi and the bite-sized rice meals from the Angkringan (food tenant) there! 

Fierce and Love, 

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