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As you all already know... I frequent Ganbanyoku for several reasons! One of which is to add positive influence to my state of wellness. Each day I work towards maximizing my level of health and wellness to live long, full and healthy life. The pursuit of health, personal grown, and improved quality of life relies on living a balanced life. So in order to achieve that balance, you gotta care for your mind, body and spirit.

It is not that hard to integrate wellness into your daily routine (and making it stick). Here's some tips on how you can integrate wellness into your daily life. Obviously easy and least intimidating ways on how to practice self-care and personalize them for your budget and lifestyle.

1. Start your day with lemon water 

I learnt from my F45 Challenge that drinking hot water with lemon every morning on an empty stomach will help to boost the metabolism and aid digestion throughout the day. It also cleanses the liver and brightens skin.

2. Get regular massages. Or self-massage. 

I tried TCM massage for the first time when I visited Shen Zhen and I was so blown away by how the masseuse personalized each massage by feeling how the muscles respond when working deep into the tissue. If you're an athlete especially, it is imperative to roll out the connective tissue between your skin and muscles to prevent tearing, and to work out lactic acid build-up.

If massages aren't feasible for you, no problemo! You know the little spikey massage balls and foam rollers sold at Decathlon, KMart, World of Sports and Rebel?  They are miracle workers. Massage balls and foam rolling are just as beneficial as a spa treatment.

3. Exercise 

If paying for Class Pass isn't your kinda jam, you can try practicing 15mins of yoga or HIIT every morning in your room or living room. You can find a huge selection of free workouts on Blogilates and PopSugarFitness on YouTube. See... now you have no excuse for avoiding movement!

4. Make conscious healthier choices and HAVE FUN!

We all cave in to sinful treats. To be perfectly honest, I do have days where I ate a whole pizza, a few slices of chocolate cake, have way too many glasses of wine... That's totally ok! Try to make healthier choices on most of the days! Feeling lethargic? Ganbanyoku. Feel like you needed a sweat sesh but don't wanna workout? Ganbanyoku. Holistic healing is for everyone and I'm glad to have Ganbanyoku as one of my go-to place for wellness.

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Ganbanyoku is located at:
Far East Plaza 
14 Scotts Road, #02-29
Singapore 228213

Business hours: 9.30am to 9pm daily 
Tel: +65 62089357

For more information on Ganbanyoku, check out the following:

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